Paploo.Net: Bio

Physicist by training, software developer by profession, Jeff is a fun, easy going individual with a passion for knowledge in all fields.

Born and raised in Sonoma County, California, Jeff studied physics and astronomy at UC Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies. His emphasis was in Einstein's the theory or relativity, though he has professional experience with thin film optical coatings.

Though his first passion is astrophysics, his love of software engineering started early, playing with BASIC on his Dad's Apple II before he was ten. After that, his passion drove him to learn as much as he could about software and software development. During and after college this knowledge turned out to be very useful, leading to a series of successful jobs in software engineering.

When not learning new programming langauges and software technologies, Jeff spends his spare time honing his piano playing, attempting to learn trumpet, learning photography, painting, and spending time with his family.